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#1 Cover Band - 60s and 70s music

#1 dance band, 60s & 70s music

Gary Smyth is an incredible musician with a very impressive porfolio.

Gary is an in demand lead guitarist. He has toured Canada and Europe playing lead guitar for multi-award-winning country rockers, The Cruzeros.

Gary's impressive resume includes playing guitr for the likes of Cowboy Bob, Blue Chevy, Mean Donna, Cynthia Lee Ann, Allison Alterr, Easy Fix, and Dirt Road Opera.

He has recorded with The Cruzeros, Jane Eamon, Corey Doak to name a few and worked with many other Canadian artists.

On top of bringing a vintage guitar sound to the stage and making every song his own, he is also a fabulous guitar teacher in Kelowna.

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